Navios Felicity
Built 1997
Flag Panama
Class Panamax
Deadweight (Summer) 73,867
Draft (Summer) 13.871
TPC 65.4
GRT/NRT 38364/24713
LOA 225
Beam 32.260
Number of hatches 7
Number of holds 7
Grain Capacity in total 87298.4 cbm/ 3,082,915 cft
Bale Capacity in total n/a
Type of hatch covers SIDE ROLLING
Number and capacity n/a
Radius n/a
Grabs n/a
Number and capacity n/a
Type Panamax
Speed and Consumption - Main Engine
Speed Laden/Ballast Abt 14.5 knots in ballast Abt 13.9 knots in laden
Consumption - IFO Abt 33 mts IFO in ballast and in laden condition
In port with use of cargo gear Vsl is gearless
In port without use of cargo gear Abt 2.78 mts IFO plus abt 0.5 mts MDO
In port working without ballasting/ deballasting Abt 3.2 mts IFO plus abt 0.6 mt MDO
In port working with ballasting/ deballasting Abt 3.80 mts IFO plus abt 0.8 mts MDO

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